Sports Director are designers, developers and publishers of Sports based software.

Roger Womack Managing Director
Roger Womack, Managing Director

Sports Director Ltd was founded in 2007 by Roger Womack, an industry veteran who has been designing and developing football management games for over twenty years.

A long list of titles on past and present platforms published by leading names all owe their playability to the expertise of Roger Womack including the original 80′s Football Director also Football World Manager, FA Premier League Manager and UEFA Manager. More recent titles include TIFM (PSP), MYFC Manager (iOS and Android) and most recently the Football Director series brought back to iOS in 2012.

At the heart of Sports Director lies an accurate and extensive sports management simulation engine, honed and developed through the years and utilised in the latest Football Director game franchise.

While currently used primarily for handheld and mobile platforms, the core engine components are fully compatible and easily tailored for modern desktop and console platforms.

With more than twenty years’ experience in the development of games on all major gaming platforms both single and multiplayer, Sports Director have the technology and tools to produce quality sports management games for all gaming platforms tailored for all markets worldwide.

What we do

Sports games and app design – We know and love sports. If we don’t know about it, we’ll get to know about it. With over twenty years in the football management genre alone, Sports Director is perfectly poised to undertake any level of game or application design from core engine to artwork and UI.

Sports games and app development – Using cutting edge tools and development hardware, our games and apps see the latest tech during all development stages. Sports Director can develop, test and deploy software for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone & PC and consoles with shipped releases on all.

Sports games and app publishing – New platforms and devices are emerging all the time, With vast experience of all major app stores, Sports Director can help you get your game or application to market via our already established routes and promote & sell your software to markets worldwide.