Date: 06 Mar 2012 | By: Roger

After a stint on the bench Football Director is on it’s way back to the first team and will be available very soon on the iPhone and iPod. For more details head over to for all the latest info news and updates.

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  1. David Elive

    will MYFC manager 2013 be coming out on Android and if so will it be compatible with the Samsung galaxy Ace GT-S5830 much will it cost. will the squads be updated. thanks for the information

  2. J Cline

    I have really enjoyed playing this app on my Droid Bionic while commuting! Thank you.

    I do wish there were a way to play a number of games without constantly stopping merely to adjust the roster due to injuries.

    I wish too that the significance of the training sliders were better explained — I cannot figure out how best to tune each player’s regimen for max gains.

    All in all, very enjoyable!

    • Roger

      Work is continuing to bring an update for the new season, injuries have been reduced.

      Training is a complex area which I shall post a feature on soon, sorry for the lack of info at the moment.

  3. David Elive

    will MYFC manager 2013 be coming out on Android and if so will it be compatible with the samsung galaxy Ace much will it cost. Huge thanks

    • Roger

      Hi David,

      We are hard at work here updating the game for the new season, it will be compatible with all the devices it is currently compatible with, and we are endeavouring to make it compatible with others also.

  4. David Elive

    will a MYFC manager 2013 come out?
    will it be on android and will it be compatible with the Samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830

  5. David Elive

    Is this the same as myfc manager 2012?

  6. Parick

    Hi ust wondering when its possible to get football director on the android os?
    been playing the MYFC manager for some time but sometimes wont even load which is so frustrating!

    Hopefully this wont be too long as there is no other footy management game on android and would be a huge plus point for this game to market!!

    Regards Patrick

    • Rob

      Football Director will be coming out very soon for Android, it is based on MYFC Manager with several features and improvements, with plenty more in the pipeline. All platforms including Android will benefit from a free season data update in the Autumn too. Thanks for your interest.

      • David Elive

        When is this coming out as this comment was in the 15th.of august

    • Roger

      Football Director is coming to Android soon, with a free update for the new season in September.

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